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Rowdy & Reactive
Comprehensive Program. Get help now for your leash lunging dog!
Help your dog learn to voluntarily break away from other dogs when out on a walk. The program includes a two-hour group orientation*, a private lesson, and six group classes. Single-focus program for critical skill proficiency. Most reactive dogs start here.

Program Duration

Group Orientation

The program begins with an orientation that you attend without your dog. All adult family members (and responsible teens) are welcome.

We’ll cover equipment, management, and the training you need to do at home to prepare your dog to work around other dogs. We’ll help you understand your dog’s reactivity and realistic goal setting. Set aside two hours for this Orientation and leave the dog at home. Choose your Orientation start date and time on the calendar.

After orientation you’ll receive written materials and video to support what you learned in orientation, including an overview of the program and the program goals, your training plan, and instructions for what you need to do during the week to prepare for the next step (your private lesson).

Private Lesson

After your group orientation, you will go home and prepare for the next steps. You’ll review and put into practice your management plan, ensure you have secure and effective equipment ready, and teach and practice your new behaviors with your dog. When you feel ready (generally five days to two weeks after orientation) you should attend your private session. You can schedule your private lesson when you are ready for it, and there are times available throughout the week, including datetime and evening availability.

Group Classes

Once you have done your private lesson, you are ready to start your group classes. There are six group classes. Group Classes are held on Sundays between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

Cost & Size

The cost for the program (including Group Orientation, Private Lesson, and Six Group Classes) is $450.

Who It's For

The Rowdy & Reactive program is for dogs who, when out on a leash walk, lunge and bark at other dogs and/or people.