Really Reactive


Really Reactive dogs have a difficult time learning skills in new environments. And they make it nearly impossible for you to listen and learn too. For that reason, if you have a really reactive dog, start here so that we can get you ready to work without distraction. There’s a common misconception that it is helpful for your Trainer to “see” the problem behavior in action, at its worst, in order to help you. You also might be concerned that your Trainer will not believe how “extreme” your dog’s problem is unless they see it for themselves. This is not the case. It is far better for us to set your dog up, as much as possible, for successful sessions right from the start. It is easier to build on early small successes than it is to claw back from full blown failure. For that reason, we like to carefully plan and prepare for our first working session involving your dog. We’ll gather information about your dog’s triggers and history, discuss equipment, safety and management, and give you skills to practice at home so that your first session with your dog has the greatest chance of being a good learning experience for you and your dog. Really Reactive Private Coaching Sessions for On Leash Reactivity can be attended by all who care for/handle/walk the dog. Leave the dog at home.
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