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If you have already taken a Really Reactive Private Coaching Session, it’s time to put it all into practice. You’re Ready to Work! These sessions will build on and further develop the foundation behaviors you established after your Really Reactive Private Coaching Session. We’ll take you and your dog through a series of progressively more difficult challenges and give carefully controlled exposure to difficult stimuli in gradually increasing intensity. These Sessions prioritize the lowering of arousal around triggers, the ability to listen to and comply with owner requests, and the dog feeling comfortable and safe. Indoor and outdoor work space is available. A helper dog is available. If you are a prior student of PosiDog Canine Learning Center’s Rowdy & Reactive Program and believe you will be able to be coached through new skills with your dog present, and therefore feel comfortable going straight to Ready to Work (without a dog-free Really Reactive lesson first) you may do so. Ready to Work Private Coaching Sessions for On Leash Reactivity can be attended by all who care for/handle/walk the dog.
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