Puppy Problem Prevention


Help puppy successfully integrate into your household and lifestyle. Available topics include socialization and environmental exposure; housetraining; confinement and home-alone; resource guarding, stealing, and keep-away; mouthing, play-biting and chewing; reactivity; grooming and handling; sound sensitivity and storms; car travel. Dog behavior issues are generally more easily addressed with short term, intensive effort in the earlier stages of development. Set puppy up for success, and learn to recognize and respond to early warning signs of trouble. These sessions are also good for puppies who are past the ‘prevention’ stage and are having trouble in one or more of these areas. (If puppy is over aroused, hyperactive, or lunging and barking at people or other dogs, please register for Cool Your Jets, Puppy instead.) Puppy Problem Prevention Private Coaching Sessions are for puppies aged 8 weeks through six months. Bring the whole family!
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