Building Confidence


Shyness can be an inherited trait or it can be due to lack of socialization (or a bit of both). Less often, signs of shyness can be the result of past trauma or abuse. There is no “fix” for shyness. That is not to say that there is nothing to be done. In fact, with understanding, support, and a carefully constructed approach, the world of a shy dog can open up considerably. Dogs who are nervous around people often struggle in daily life. They need help to learn to relax near people, develop skills for interacting, and be comfortable with people talking and moving. Dogs who are nervous in new environments and with new objects have very few places they can relax and feel safe. They need help to learn to be comfortable with “weird” and new objects, sounds, movements, and places. Building Confidence Private Coaching Sessions are for adult family dogs. Bring the whole family!
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