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Having puppy love running to you is important. It’s your recall, it’s your retrieve, it will even help you later if you want to jog with your dog. Get in lots of practice rewarding puppy for chasing you or running to you.
Chase Your Owner

Dogs naturally like to chase. Use this! Find out what kinds of things get puppy to run to you really fast. And then reward him when he does.

How to trigger chase in a puppy (experiment with all or some)

— Face away from the puppy, but look over your shoulder at him
— Always move away from your puppy
— Use a pleasant, encouraging tone, avoid sounding commanding
— Use repeated notes (pup-pup-pup)
— Crouch down 

Rewards, like treats or toys, should be hidden until pup gets all the way to you. We want him to learn to come running when you call and not just when you hold out food or toys to him. Don’t bribe! Instead, reward generously for good behavior.

Generally, reward for about 5 seconds as soon as puppy gets to you. For very bitey puppies, perhaps stick with food rewards for a while (see lesson chase no bite)