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Cool Your Jets, Puppy

Private Coaching Session

Is your puppy often over-aroused?  Do you struggle to make progress in your training, especially in public, because your puppy is hyper focused on everything except you?  Does your puppy become frustrated if he can’t have what he wants right now? While dogs should be exposed to a variety of different people, places, and things while they are young, building high levels of excitement and frustration may be counterproductive.  Properly socializing a highly aroused puppy can be very challenging.

These sessions are also good for puppies who have shown any warning signs of reactivity.  If your young puppy has ever lunged and barked at dogs, people, or bicycles, register for this sooner rather than later!

Cool Your Jets, Puppy Private Coaching Sessions are for puppies aged 8 weeks through six months.  Bring the whole family!

What specific things does your dog do that you find challenging to deal with?
What rewards, if any, do you expect your dog to happily accept in a new environment? Are you concerned that your dog will not eat or play at all during the session? Feel free to elaborate.
What are the most important things you would like to work on in this session?
What else would you like us to know about you and your dog?

About Private Coaching Sessions

Private Lessons are flexible and convenient. Work within your own schedule. Get help with exactly what you need, from the right trainer for your priorities. We’ll structure the training around your goals, and you’ll work at your own pace.

Once you have selected the private session that best matches your needs and interests, you can add notes that tell us what is most important for you and your family to work on first and provide any other specifics you would like. We will structure the training plan around your goals.

Private coaching sessions take place at our facility. Session fees are $90 for each 50 minute session ($135 when a second trainer is required to handle a helper dog).

You will bring your dog to each session (with the exception of Really Reactive Private Session) along with a regular leash and collar or harness, some tasty treats and favorite toys, and your questions. All members of the family are welcome to attend.