CynoCentric Training & Behavior

Review Your Safety Plan

Provide a puppy-proof environment.

Review your safety plan with your veterinarian, and ask them what else you should know and do to prevent and recognize illness and injury.

Preventing mistakes is an essential element of your housetraining plan. The way to do this is to supervise or confine puppy 100% of the time. Take puppy out often, particularly after eating, playing, napping, or chewing. Learn the signs that puppy needs out, and react calmly and quickly. say “outside” in a pleasant tone and gently and immediately take puppy outside.

SUPERVISION is necessary any time that puppy is not confined. When supervising puppy make sure that your eyes are on her all the time, and that you are taking her out whenever she changes activities, seems like she might need to go, and when it has been a while since she was last out.


While many products will cover up odor to our satisfaction, only an enzymatic cleaner will properly break down the odors that make soiled areas so attractive to puppy as a potty spot. Don’t skimp on cleaner, and if you are not sure you have found all soiled areas consider using a black-light to illuminate them.

Always be aware of where puppy is, how long she must be there, and who is the person responsible for preventing (and therefore cleaning up) mistakes.